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Analysis of To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell Andrew Marvell's elaborate sixteenth century carpe diem poem, 'To His Coy Mistress', not only speaks to his coy mistress, but also to the reader. Marvell's suggests to his coy mistress that time is inevitably rapidly progressing.
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Within the first stanza strong persuasive techniques are used to compliment his mistress in order to urge her to take full advantage of the limited time they have. The hyperbole flatters his mistress and shows he would love her from the beginning until the end of time if he only could this consequently may influence her to give into his demands as he is making it clear his love is genuine and lasting.

The vegetables have more substance and depth. He would spend the most time adoring her inner beauty, her emotion and personality if time was on his side.

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Unfortunately they have limited time on earth together and it is not possible for him to admire her as he would wish to. Marvell is expressing the point that this connection they have is for a limited period as one day death will come. The second stanza presents the antithesis of the argument and is negative towards his lady in comparison to the first stanza.

He makes it clear her beauty is constantly under threat by time so she should seize the opportunity her beauty brings to her.

He rejects the afterlife and does not embrace that they may spend eternity together in the tranquillity of heaven once dead. He is using shock tactics to scare her and persuade her to make the most of the time she with has. In the synthesis he alters his speech and returns to complimenting his lady. He commands her to make a decision, he needs a reply urgently as time is short.

Understanding "To His Coy Mistress," part 1

The speaker may be rushing her into a decision but he implies they will have a passionate time together is the moment if seized. They will become one and tackle time and its limitations instead of being limited by time. Continuing the theme of togetherness he uses the imperative form giving certainty to.

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He and his mistress should be chasing his time and the opportunities it brings to them. By using the theme of time he shows the hold it has on us all and any moment given should be seized. To His Coy Mistress. Accessed October 18, We will write a custom paper sample on To His Coy Mistress specifically for you. Also the timings of the six lines show how you want to earn my respect by not rushing and also showing you also want a romance in the relationship.

On the next line you come across as if you are trying to make me a Goddess because you call me a lady but you also say I deserve this state, that would mean I am good enough to be there but in a way I feel offended as it could mean I deserver to be with you and this is a remark that makes you sound high and mighty but me as a women below you.

This shows that our relationship may become empty and something that was once fun but now getting old. You do use grand words in this however such as vast and eternity to show how I am important to you. The next eight lines again echo the hope for a lifeless love with the only thing required is making love.

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It also tries to expand on how coy you see me as you think my secrets are secluded in a vault made of marble. This does however show me as a wealthy lady who likes to flaunt what I have. The word quaint means artificial. The next two lines try to signify that we will be together for all our lives, and even together after death entwined throughout history. It could have a completely opposite meaning however and mean my beauty will fade and if I maintain my virginity until the grave, Ill just lose it to the worms.

You then start to look at me in a kinder light again. When you start talking about the fire of life and the hue of youthfulness in the next four lines I can see that you do not want to waste time as we are young and while we are young we have a fire in our heart, a form of energy, that can never be retrieved once lost, that is meant for me.

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The way the dew has formed on the skin could also imply you want us to grow old together as the fire of us being together verses the dew on the skin would be a never ending battle, but would carry on no matter what. It could also mean however that our relationship may tire and get destroyed by the constant battles. In the next few lines you use very passionate language with words such as amorous, meaning strong desire and you reference us to birds of prey. This makes our bond sound strong, wise and a force that can never be broken. You do turn it on the head again however by using the word devour, this makes us seem like a too hasty relationship as it means to eat hungrily and very fast.

The next section starts to sum up what you think we should do. The next couple of lines show me how life can be a struggle but with the right dedication you can get through the iron gates. The gates show how there will be always obstacles in your way trying to keep you in and them being made of iron shows how they are stubbon and will not buckle. I think the overall poem was a very cleverly written wooing letter, however I think there is an underlying meaning.

This could be that you need a relationship to survive or all you need is determination in life to sucseed. Dear Mr Marvell, The best essay writers are ready to impress your teacher.